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Sohail Tariq

Freelancer • Entrepreneur • Thinker

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About me

Sohail Tariq: The determined man and mind behind the growth of the business scene in his nation

Sohail Tariq’s excellence as a chartered account and entrepreneur has brought him to the forefront of the industry in a short span of time

Sohail Tariq hails from Multan, and ever since he was a kid, he wanted to do something for his nation, something that could allow him to contribute his efforts to grow his country in the business realm. 

That is how he was attracted to be a part of the business industry and went ahead to first become a Chartered Accountant. Little did he know that his endless hard work would allow him to keep growing rapidly and turn into a self-made success story. 

Looking back, Sohail Tariq, who has over two decades of experience, is happy and proud that instead of giving up, he chose his challenges and struggles, fought them, and made sure to keep moving forward in his career and life.

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What I do

I am known for handling 200+ dropshipping accounts, 100 wholesale accounts, 50 Amazon PL projects, and 30 Walmart accounts of 200+ clients. My company is growing with an employee base of 250.